Plants & Seeds

Smart sampling tools for genotyping/phenotyping, seeds quality control or robotized equipment to manage soil and master your research environment, are some of the applications that ALCI provides to boost your R&D and production processes. Our technologies are empowering your industry.

Tiles & Bricks

Quality control on tiles production has remained unchanged since the beginning on this industry. As quality standards have changed according to the market and to in-factory requirements ALCI is providing you the best vision technologies to assure maximum quality on your tiles production.

Meat & Fish

Industrial slicing for animal muscles has always been a hardly-manual task on the food industry. Putting robots that were able to maximize productivity while cutting meat and to improve working conditions of butchers was the first challenge for ALCI at the very beginning of our company.

Others Industries

Our success in Aerospace, Nuclear or Military industries prove the high flexibility of our core technology, our know-how and our expertise. If your industry is manufacturing complex and heterogeneous products or making high-standard quality control, ALCI have the best automation solution for you.