ALCI is certified ISO9001 by AFNOR certification since 2010. This certification is about “Development, manufacturing and maintenance of robotics for the industry” and also “Development, manufacturing and maintenance of production optimization and vision control tools for the industry”.

By this, we reinforce our working methodology designing solutions that are entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction and respecting production and sales commitments. The methodology is based on a set of tools that we share with our customers, as:

  • The functional analysis (AF)
  • Failures analysis and their effects and criticality (FMEA)
  • The planning for product manufacturing,
  • Journal providing about the design & conception of the mechanical, the manufacturing and Software
  • Control of technologies development through a general running test plan that is defined by: repeatability, reliability and reproducibility tests (R&R) about the output data
  • A maintenance schedule plan as soon as product is designed
  • We also provide the customer with a complete file of all the information right after the machine is accepted on customer’s site
  • We update continually our conception in the development of each technology with client’s experience feedback (Lessons Learned)