The Robotics Revolution!
We are playing on three industrial fields simultaneously, manufacture, quality and technology upgrade. On these experiences, one mission can be assigned to every ALCI’s member: bring the Visionics, Robotics and Vision expertise out, to all those industrial places, where automation has never been mastered before.
Thus, we can share our vision:
ALCI sees a future where robots, artificial intelligence and vision technologies will simplify high quality products manufacture in smart factories and R&D organizations: people's work will evolve through new paths of knowledge and socialization, just as we experienced with the Internet Revolution. Today, Robotic is here!
According to this vision, let’s explore how we are positioned on each of ALCI’s fields.
For Automating Manufacture
This is the highest technical service proposed by ALCI. We work on an industrial model where we conceive, develop, install and maintain the robotized systems bringing industrial robotics and visionics to those sectors/activities/tasks with low automation technologies. This assumption has guided us to agriculture and food industries where we solve issues concerning complex product’s treatment: plants, seeds or meat.
Most of our clients are medium and big companies developing new varieties of seeds or working on the meat industry. 
For Quality Control
Quality is a strategic resource for multiple organizations working in diverse sectors: Feed and Food, Plants and Seeds, Nuclear, Ceramics, Aerospatial and many others. ALCI propose cutting-edge Vision Systems composed with the latest 3D, 2D and 1D techniques, to increase the skill of identifying product's quality of human eyes.
Most of our clients are medium and big companies where production lines, research labs or production factories can receive a quality analyzer system developed by ALCI. On the promotion of this service, we are collaborating with international distributors and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
For Systems Upgrade
The service proposed is the upgrade of existent machines/systems/equipment with ALCI’s expertise in Visionics, Robotics and Vision techniques.  We have seen that our intervention as technology improvers can increase productivity and the natural ROI of the machines, before they were enhanced.
This service targets machine/systems/equipment constructors, technology developers and OEM.
For each new project we evaluate the possibility of creating strong partnerships as machine improvements demand a continuous workflow between ALCI and the customer to provide all information concerning niche markets and value-added features. 
Right now, that is the strategy powering the activity of ALCI on the XXI century Robotics Revolution!