Automatic Pathologies Analysis System: APAS

ALCI Advanced Vision Analysis Technologies brought the APAS System.

APAS is a Phytopathometry System providing a rapid measurement of the diseases using multispectral analysis. APAS algorithms are based on and validated with pathologist expertise.APAS provides reliable, reproducible and cost effective controls.


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APAS: Features and Advantages

APAS uses the following technologies:

- A multispectral vision system dedicated to the identification of the necrosis, sporulation and others.

- An Expert System (software oriented with Artificial Intelligence) customizing the analysis protocols performed currently by the experts (pathologist)

- A touch screen as the human-machine interface to monitor and to operate it

Functional Advantages:

- APAS standardizes your analysis process.

- APAS produces reliable and reproducible datas.

- APAS classifies in different categories  and provides a rating for the crop resistance, according to your requests.

- APAS records and classifies all the datas at plantlets /patches and line too,

- APAS provides a customizable output file or can be connected directly to your database (using SQL).

- APAS assures the traceability by tracking each box with plantlets or patches

- APAS has a ‘Remote maintenance and diagnostic’ module allowing automatic upgrade in case of new developments.

Safe and simple utilization:

- CE certified.

- APAS is easy to use  by a touch screen panel with a user-friendly human-machine interface.

- APAS has different access levels for operator, manager, maintenance, quality control.

Economic advantages

- APAS allows you to increase greatly your analysis (25s per box with 60 plantlets or patches).

- APAS allows you to speed up by 3 times your process analysis.

- APAS boosts your ROI with powerful simplicity.