Containers Loader Expert: CLOE

Mastering your phenotyping environment by automating soil management.

Soil homogeneities, density, humidity, weigh and consistency are very important for roots development and thus for plants growth. However, filling correctly soil into containers can be a difficult task for operators, in fact a very difficult one.

The CLOE machine, Containers Loader Expert, from ALCI has a powerful answer to automate soil loading with great accuracy and efficiency.

Commonly used to empower data used in plants phenotyping process, its applications can go beyond the plants & seeds industry.

CLOE : features and advantages

CLOE is an automatic system that cans fill up to 70 plants containers per hour. It tracks and manages the pot weight accuracy, the water and the compaction density. The homogeneity is guarantee on many different soils, substrates and powders.
CLOE uses the following technologies:
  • A human-machine interface to manage all conditions and cycles on containers loading
  • A pot tracking post where lots, operators, weight, date, time and soil specifications are going to be established before launching the loading cycle
  • Mechanical systems to mix, load, compress and hydrate soil and powders on the containers
CLOE cans be installed:
  • On an hangar, warehouse or soil depot
  • Other places depending on your site distribution
Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:
  • CLOE has incredible weight accuracy at the moment of filling every single container and you can program the system according to your own weight criteria.
  • CLOE loads containers with many different soils, substrates and powders assuring precise weight, density, water, and homogeneities control, as well as containers tracking and management.
  • CLOE is also controlling the quantity of water presence on the soil loaded on each container.
  • Roots development is enhanced by CLOE after smoothly compressing soil into every pot.
  • Your phenotyping data is going to be improved as CLOE reduces the number of artifacts linked with soil differences and variations in density, compactness, weight, and other physical criteria.

Safe and simple utilization

  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as CLOE is CE certified.
  • CLOE is easily commanded by a touchscreen command board.
  • There is 0% need to adapt, your operators will understand the Containers Loader Expert immediately.
  • CLOE has different access levels for operators, managers, maintenance.

Economic advantages

  • CLOE can work 24h/day and 7 days/ week loading 70 containers with soil every single hour.
  • As a production or R&D value-added, CLOE is a strategic investment for you to respond to higher market demands and society challenges.
  • CLOE boosts your ROI when preparing high throughput phenotyping campaigns by automating difficult process as loading containers.
  • CLOE was designed to improve both processes: phenotyping by creating and excellent environment for plants development and operators work process by reducing time of hardness efforts when loading soil on containers for multiple hours.
As ALCI works in a wide range of sectors like aerospace, nuclear, agronomy, food and ceramics, we are mastering the latest techniques in automation and systems upgrade. CLOE is already generating excellent working conditions, simplifying further scientific methods and improving statistical data collect in cutting-edge research institutions.