Industrial Robotized Slicer: IRIS

Why automating meat and fish slicing is important for the food industry?
Until now, most of this job is made by butchers working on difficult environments for long periods: the temperature on the slicing factories is between 4 to 6 °C with 85% of humidity. As time goes by, butchers articulations, mostly those of the arm and the hand that slices meat, present problems issued from the hard working conditions. 
On a large scale, this situation produces human ressources problems because it is very difficult to complete all butchers teams (less people wants to work on this) and because there is a big turnover of butchers working for meat factories (people cannot do this job for long periods).  As a consequence, quality and productivity on the production of the meat proposed to consumers is currently being challenged: sometimes, we can perceive it when choosing a package of steaks on the super market.  
However, robotization is now proposing an excellent solution to evolve butchers role on the meat industry and deliver high quality steaks to final consumers.


IRIS: features and advantages

IRIS is our first robot dedicated to automate the whole slicing process that is done on meat and fish with accurate weight control on every slice.
IRIS uses the following technologies:
  • A 3D and 2D vision system to identify the best slicing views and optimize slices weight
  • A robotized arm that slices a big part of meat/fish in a pretty short period of time
  • An Expert System (software oriented with Artificial Intelligence) customizing the slicing tasks performed by expert butchers
  • A touch screen as the human-machine interface to monitor the machine
IRIS can be installed:
  • In your factory and on your production line
  • In other places depending on your site distribution
Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:
  • IRIS slices 250 Kg of meat every hour
  • IRIS assures until 70% of constant weigh accuracy on the total production of meat slices
  • With its Expert Software System IRIS is the smartest technology on the market completely dedicated to meat and fish slicing
  • The Expert Software System was developed based on butchers skills and expertise. This grants IRIS with the aptitude of recognizing the best slicing plans optimizing meat processing
Safe and simple utilization
  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as IRIS is CE certified.
  • IRIS is easily commanded by a touchscreen command board, there is 0% need to adapt, your operators will understand the machine immediately.
  • IRIS has different access levels for operators, managers, maintenance, and quality control.
Economic advantages
  • IRIS can work 24h/day and 7 days/ week.
  • The IRIS design is an unique innovation bringing the best performance on its domain: the slicing process is shorter (1 slice of 125 g in 23 seconds), making you win valuable time and increasing your productivity on your factory.
  • As a production value-added, IRIS is the best strategic investment that you can make to respond to higher market demands and society challenges.
  • IRIS boosts your ROI with powerful simplicity when implementing high throughput slicing campaigns. You have a ROI of 2 years.
Today, we have conceived the smartest slicing technology entirely dedicated to meat and fish treatment.