Powered Operated Puncher: POP

Plant sampling simply


POP (Patented) is the new handheld puncher developed by ALCI and the lightest of its kind. POP allows you to do your plant sampling campaigns, in a more comfortable and secure way, with a user friendly and ergonomic tool.

POP differs from the rest of conventional hole punches; it can be used in field or in greenhouse for 12 hours a day due to the high capacity battery, and in addition to its light weight, the body is designed to provide the maximum comfort in use without operator fatigue. The reflective screen provides high visibility under all light conditions.

POP gives the user the flexibility to select the size of samples by easily changing the cutting tool.

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POP: Features and Advantages

POP is a simple human-machine interface to manage simple or multiple punches and cleaning.



  • POP is Portable: can be used in field or in greenhouse.
  • POP is: ergonomic, lightweight.
  • POP is robust.
  • POP is easy to clean.
  • POP can work 12h/day,
  • POP has 2,1’ LCD reflective screen

Functional Advantages


  • The ability to modify the diameter of samples (possible sizes: 2.5mm to 14mm).
  • Simple or multiple punches (up to 9 punches per tube depending on leaf thickness).
  • POP standardizes foliar material (volume) before your genotyping process. The quantity of foliar material becomes a standard as the samples are highly accurate.
  • Safe and simple use:
           - CE certified.

           - POP is easily parametrized with its screen,
           - There is 0% need to adapt, POP is user-friendly.

POP Dimensions


  • Length: 131mm 
  • Width: 56mm
  • Height: 121mm
  • Weight: 250g