Sampling Automation System: SAS

Getting the higher throughput sampling and safe traceability

Food demands are constantly intensifying as worldwide population is increasing. Within this situation, companies working on plants breeding need the best technologies to boost the development of new seeds varieties that will respond to present challenges like market constraints or climate change. These operations require long-term work of breeders and samplers: a lot of genotyping hours and hundreds of thousands of samples manually taken on plants as maize, tomato, rape seed, etc.
Today there is no reason for breeders to make their sampling campaigns with old fashion tools and techniques. The SAS, Sampling Automation System is the smartest sampling partner existing on the world to boost new varieties production and support the entire breeding process.

SAS : features and advantages

The SAS is the latest innovation robotizing the whole sampling process for plantlets sampling of very different plants species: tomato, maize, rice, lettuce, pepper, rapeseed and other.

SAS uses the following technologies:

  • A 3D and 2D vision system to identify plants morphologies
  • A robotized arm that samples each plant in a pretty short period of time
  • An Expert System (software oriented with Artificial Intelligence) customizing the sampling protocols performed currently by the experts (breeders)
  • A touch screen as the human-machine interface to monitor and to operate it

SAS can be installed:

  • In your greenhouse or plugged to it
  • In your laboratory
  • In other places depending on your site distribution

Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:

  • SAS standarizes foliar material before your genotyping process. The quantity of foliar material becomes a standard as the samples are highly accurate.
  • SAS assures the traceability by tracking plants samples from leaves punching to their deposit into the PCR box.
  • With its Expert System software the SAS is the smartest technology on the market completely dedicated to your plants sampling.
  • The Expert System was developed based on samplers’ skills and expertise. This grants SAS with the aptitude of recognizing plants morphology, specifications and sampling zones to perform a punch with the robot arm.

Safe and simple utilization

  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as SAS is CE certified.
  • SAS is easily commanded by a touchscreen command board, there is 0% need to adapt, your operators will understand the Sampling Automation System immediately.
  • SAS has different access levels for operators, managers, maintenance, quality control.

Economic advantages

  • SAS can work 24h/day and 7 days/ week.
  • SAS allows you to do in one day the same number of sampling panels that one person does in five days.
  • The SAS design is an unique innovation bringing the best performance on its domain: the sampling process is shorter, making you win valuable time and increasing your productivity on greenhouses for sampling.
  • As a production or R&D value-added, the SAS is the best strategic investment that you can make to respond to higher market demands and society challenges.
  • SAS boosts your ROI with powerful simplicity when implementing high throughput sampling campaigns.

As ALCI works in a wide range of sectors like aerospace, nuclear, agronomy, food and ceramics, we are mastering the latest applications of robotics and visionics for complex and heterogeneous products. These experiences have leaded us to conceive the smartest sampling technology entirely dedicated for the plants & seeds industry.