Seeds Automatic Germination Analyzer: SAGA

Empowering seeds quality by automating the analysis of their germination rate.
Multiple companies and research centers are still classifying, making quality control and analyzing seeds germination manually. Operators dispose petri boxes or other seeds containers on germination environments; commonly testing-phases interrupt the continuity of germination process.
This activity involves thousands of seeds, tests and hours of work, where automation can empower productivity and accuracy.

SAGA : features and advantages

SAGA is providing powerful vision techniques, high-resolution cameras and intelligent software to automate the seeds germination analysis and classification: a wonderful strategy to adapt to new environments and market demands for each company or research center working on new methods to improve seeds quality. Nowadays, SAGA is available for durum wheat, corn, rice, fonio, sorgho and medicago truncatula.

SAGA uses the following technologies:

  • A standard germination table (jackobson table)
  • High-resolution cameras for image acquisition and treatment
  • Expert System (software oriented with Artificial Intelligence) customizing the seeds germination analysis currently done by the experts
  • A human-machine interface to monitor and to operate it

The System can be installed:

  • In the laboratory
  • In other places depending on your site distribution

Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:

  • SAGA analyzes seeds and controls their quality on their early development stages by providing statistical analysis on seeds germination and seeds classification
  • All features are easily adjustable according to your scientific protocol.
  • SAGA provides you a seeds classification according to predefined criteria like: size, color, morphology, among other choices.
  • SAGA analyzes germination kinetic collecting growth and shape statistical data on the germ.
  • SAGA has an automatic teaching mode dedicated to simplify the integration of new seeds.
  • SAGA is the smartest technology on the market completely dedicated to your seeds germination analysis.

Safe and simple utilization

  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as SAGA is CE certified.
  • SAGA is easily commanded by an HMI, there is 0% need to adapt, your operators will understand the Sampling Automation System immediately.
  • SAGA has different access levels for operators, managers, maintenance, quality control.

Economic advantages

  • SAGA can work 24h/day and 7 days/ week.
  • SAGA analyzes until 10 000 different seeds simultaneously, with high precision and according to your protocols.
  • SAGA increases the throughput of your seed germination analysis process, making you win valuable time and increasing your productivity.

As ALCI works in a wide range of sectors like aerospace, nuclear, agronomy, food and ceramics, we are mastering the latest technologies in vision for quality control. We are currently providing quality analysis on tiles, solar reflectors installed on satellites, or seeds and cultures that are being harvested worldwide.