Tiles Expert Analyzer: TEA

Assuring 100% customer satisfaction with 100% certified products
Since longtime, tiles factories in Europe and America have controlled manually the quality on tiles. Operators or inspection teams checked the presence of most common tiles defects on samples from the whole production. Thus, only a percentage of the tiles are really checked with low productive methods.
Today, the TEA, Tiles Expert Analyzer, from ALCI propose an outstanding technology that couples automation and high-tech vision systems to certify that 100% of your tiles production was inspected and every single tile was tracked according to your quality criteria and those from yours costumers.

TEA : features and advantages

TEA makes possible that you can give a certification of the highest quality standard, for each one of your tiles, to every single of your clients.

TEA uses the following technologies:

  • A 3D camera that controls geometrical and dimensional features of roof tiles as well as distortions, bulbs and many other physical characteristics
  • A 2D camera to control color, tonalities, engobes, spots, droplets, painting, cracks, etc.
  • A linear camera to check the tail and the edges of every tile according to your tolerance specifications

TEA cans be installed:

  • At Green that is just after the tiles leaves the mold, this position facilitates dimensional and geometrical controls
  • At Dry, where our technology is also going to check the cracks, engobes, color checking on tiles
  • At Fired, where a full quality control is going to be made after the furnace, including the “at green” and the “at Dry” stages.

Functional Advantages & Remarkable skills:

  • TEA provides with statistics for each kind of defect improving the quality of every roof tile on real time.
  • You can provide a certificate, for each of your customers, where you show that every single tile of your production has been controlled according to high quality standards.
  • TEAadapts easely to your production lines.
  • For maintenance and support, TEA has a remote option allowing ALCI to make a diagnostic of any issue from our factory.
  • TEA's 2D cameras can see what human operators cannot see like: differencing red and grey on humid roof tiles.
  • We carefully support you on customizing our technology to your quality criteria and production expectation to provide the maximum reliability and flexibility of our machine
  • We are using powerful algorithms coupled with cutting-edge vision technologies to accurately represent the reality of each tile and make the right choice when sorting tiles for your future clients.

Safe and simple utilization:

  • 0% of risk on injuring operators or machine degradation as TEA is CE certified.
  • TEA is user-friendly and requires little intervention of operators.
  • TEA is easily commanded by a command board, there is 0% need to adapt, your operators will understand the Tiles Expert Analyzer immediately.
  • TEA has different access levels for operators, managers, maintenance, quality control.

Economic advantages:

  • It is proven that installing the TEA machine on “At Dry” position is the best choice to quickly support a return of investment because sorting the “good” tiles before going to the furnace saves energy, money and we can reuse the “bad” tiles material.
  • TEA tracks and informs you about the mold deviations that are producing “bad” tiles. This can be extremely helpful to prevent big production and quality issues.
  • For some companies the ROI is of one year.

As ALCI works in a wide range of sectors like aerospace, nuclear, agronomy, food and ceramics, we are mastering the latest technologies in vision for quality control. Today, the same technologies determining roof tiles quality, are also defining with extreme finesse the quality of seeds and cultures that are being harvested worldwide.