Robotics & Visionics

ALCI’s Robotics & Visionics expertise in service of industrial creativity!
Do you know which disciplines are currently tackling important issues of world's industries with creative synergies and high-tech solutions?
ALCI has proved to agricultural and food industries that there is no reason to continue striving with old issues concerning how to increase productivity and simplify human resources management. There are multiple solutions and paths to explore, where Robotics & Visionics can really play a hudge role transforming industry forever with intelligent investments and creative will. 

Why, how and what does ALCI do as a Robotics and Visionics expert?

On XXI century, the latest technologies on Robotics and Visionics (vision systems enhanced with artificial intelligence software to calculate trajectories and trigger robots actions) are yielding amazing solutions on different sectors to improve how seeds companies or research centers develop new cultures varieties for daily world’s consumption.  
Indeed, more than just giving functional answers to big throughput problems or to heterogenic-product treatment (the kind of products that are really different, variable, unstable, fragile, difficult-handling like plants, seeds, meat, and many others) Robotics and Visionics are creating astonishing synergies for world's industries. Some examples relate to technological empowerment of seeds companies in order to go faster when developing new plant’s varieties that can resist to climate change constraints or that can quickly respond to market demands (i.e. maize, tomato, rice or wheat whose new species development takes between 3 to 7 years, depending on the R&D protocol and the technology enhancement). Other examples, relate to working conditions improvement and jobs evolution: being an industrial butcher who cuts meat on a cold environment for long periods, might have negative impacts on their health forever, a situation that changes completely when automation, robots and intelligent machines do the job.
But how do we assure this great flexibility, accuracy, intelligence and performance of Robotics & Visionics for these ultra-complex tasks?
The first thing is to have well-committed people, whose objectives are not only conceiving new technologies, but who share their passion about robotics and visionics when providing real value-added applications to their customers. This needs excellent project management skills to perfectly mix multiple disciplines like: robotics, visionics, mechanics, electronics, design, mechatronics and others.
That is how we have developed the core for all our technologies, an Expert Software System whose generic modules are smart enough to integrate new ones depending on the kind of project we are working on. We confirme Expert Software System's flexibility as we are getting better performances in every new project: we are on a non-stop learning route!
A brief summary of these modules skills is:
  • They are the interface with all the captors: 3D, 2D, 1D cameras
  • They process, restructure and create models with captors’ information
  • They communicate the safest and optimal trajectories with the industrial robot based on the assigned tasks
  • They supervise the assembly of information for different priority files like: clients report, production monitoring and remote-assistance for ALCI’s diagnostic
  • There is a full module in charge of modeling worker skills for assigned tasks. For example, it understands how a butcher works when slicing meat to generate all information and activate the robot.
Finally, these modules integrate all visionics and robotics techniques: artificial intelligence to calculate and generate further robot trajectories where industrial robots moves and operates like the human arm.
Our Robotics & Visionics technologies are useful when raw materials or products are complex: heterogenic, alterable and deformable and when tasks, concerning product treatment, need to take in count the environment constraints.
Please consult some examples of our solutions in Robotics & Visionics that are currently installed:
-The Sampling Automation System (SAS)
-The Industrial Robotized Slicer (IRIS)