System upgrade

Visionics, Robotics and Vision expertice to Upgrade machines and industrial systems
One of the main reasons why world industries are experiencing outstanding technologies improvement is machines compatibility. Engineers are currently conceiving new machinery able to perform multiple tasks with various systems/tools that are conceived and produced by many different constructors. Multiple machines are working together in networks where cooperation is facilitating production workflow. That is how factories are getting smarter, how societies are getting brighter and how technological systems are being upgrade.
But, can we empower machines and technological systems with new skills and functions to make them individually more reliable, flexible and easily-adaptable to cooperate inside factories and production circuits?
The answer is yes! ALCI can provide robotics, visionics and vision expertise to individually upgrade machines in order to improve the manufacturing and the treatment of complex products or the product's quality control.

How to upgrade machines and technological systems with ALCI's expertise?

There are lots of machines, tools, equipment, or even services that can be improved, upgraded and enhanced with automation, robotics, visionics or with simple vision systems. The reason, as described before, is to provide organizations with the right technology to make them become more productive, more competitive, more client’s supportive and more reliant when meeting customer needs.
ALCI grants automation, robotics and high-quality analytics on independent structures/equipment with:
  • Vision technologies: 1D, 2D, 3D cameras and artificial intelligence software. We are able to assembly different structures in a whole system empowered with automation, analytics and decision making
  • Visionics: even stronger that vision technologies because the image treatment is entirely dedicated to prepare trajectories and movement paths for robots and automate machines
  • Mechatronics: providing mechanical/electronic structures with captors and automation in order to get better process and tasks performances
  • Expert Software System: artificial intelligent software suppliying Decision making process by providing analytics data and indicators concerning production, quality control and manufacture
Please, consult the products and process that we have upgraded:
CLOE, Containers Loader Expert