Vision Systems

New Vision Systems to increase industrial quality 
Since longtime people have pursuit unique ways of producing goods and services that optimize production methods maximizing economical profit. A lot of certifications, standards, labels and methods were developed, shared, and practiced on multiple industries and markets. Thus, we have learned something important: no matter what your industry is, no matter who is your client, THE variable linking customer satisfaction and production efficiency into one equation is Quality: Product & Service’s Quality!
By the way, quality is more important today as it is an outstanding approach minimizing industrial footprint on the environment-Yes, quality is also important for sustainable development.
Inspired by the capacity of humans to visually recognize the quality of a product on a manufacturing process, ALCI has conceived the smartest Vision Systems coupled with powerful Expert Software to bring quality control out for multiple fields: Aerospatial, Nuclear, Seeds, Ceramics and many others.

Why, how and what does ALCI do as a Vision Systems expert?

Once again, product’s quality has big arguments to keep its place as a strategic value on the market. Thus, multiple companies are asking themselves how to ensure high-standard quality on their products while matching their competitive skills as: meeting market demands certifications and international standards, providing client’s satisfaction, improving process continually and mastering big production throughputs. That is why doing the best products with the best techniques can get really difficult as some products can only be inspected with well-educated eyes from talented operators and quality inspectors: this might mean multiple hours of separated tasks and quality tests that sometimes are only done in specific samples of the whole production. Could this be improved in ONE only process where automate solutions or technologies improve the quality tests done by operators?
The answer is yes, today quality test by automate vision technology grants this possibility. ALCI is coupling 1D, 2D, 3D cameras as well as multispectral analysis to get quality tests done with the finesse of cutting-edge vision systems.
Our engineers are well-committed on providing Vision Systems with real value-added applications to our customers. On each new vision solution we are mixing multiple disciplines like: project management, visionics, imagery and image treatment, software development, informatics and mechatronics.
As in Robotics, Vision Systems from ALCI, counts with the same technological core, an Expert Software System whose generic modules are smart enough to integrate new ones depending on the kind of project we are working on. We are pretty confidents about our Expert Software System as we are getting better performances in every new project: we are on a non-stop learning route!
A brief summary of these modules skills is:
  • They are the interface with all the captors: 3D, 2D, 1D cameras
  • They process, restructure and create models with captors’ information
  • They communicate a client report including morphological characteristics of each analyzed product as well as statistical data, production monitoring and remote-assistance for ALCI’s diagnostic
  • There is an option providing the possibility of sorting, if necessary, the products responding to the quality criteria that was given to the Vision System
This is how our technology is widely recommended when defaults or characteristics to control/quantify/analyze need physical, esthetical and morphologic information provided by the 3D, 2D and 1D cameras.
Please, consult the following technologies that are currently installed in our partners' sites: